Artclear provides the infrastructure to address long-standing challenges in the art world concerning the identification and authentication of artworks

What we do

Artclear Certificate of Authenticity icon

Certificates of Authenticity

Protect your artworks from forgery with digital proof of authenticity linked to the physical works

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Artclear Certificate of Title icon

Certificates of Title

Prove authenticity in perpetuity, speed up collection of ARR and give your collectors immutable proof of title

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Artclear fingerprint icon

Fingerprint Identifier

Indelibly link digital records to physical artworks with our patented technology and unique scanning device

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Data Management Platform icon

Data Management Platform

Book scans, track and manage Artclear certificates, customer relationships and your inventory using our secure platform

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How it works

Starting with a less than 10 minute scan, Artclear provides the tools to identify artworks easily and link them forever to their digital authentication certificate and other data

Step 1, register artwork details on Artclear platform

1. Register artwork on the platform 

  • Enter details of your artworks in the Artclear system, using our intuitive interface or via API
  • Book a scanning session to suit your schedule for the fingerprint generation
Step 2, Artclear fingerprint generated for artwork using scanner

2. Fingerprint generated

  • Scanning on site – no need for artworks to leave the gallery or studio
  • Images processed using patented technology invented by HP Inc, for which Artclear is the sole licensee, to fingerprint and identify artworks
Step 3, Artclear digital certificate issued

3. Digital certificate issued

  • Authorised by artist or their representative gallery
  • Generated by Artclear system
  • Securely and indelibly stored in digital format on the blockchain
Artclear platform login page viewed on desktop device

Secure and easy to use

Access the Artclear platform across devices and locations via web browser portal

Security is built into the fundamental design of the system. You retain ownership of your data and have full control over who can view it


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Why Artclear?

By establishing an indelible link between physical artworks and verifiable data about them, Artclear aims to make all kinds of art world transactions simpler and safer.


We provide galleries, artists, collectors and other art world participants with:

Forensic certainty

Unquestionably identify works of art from their physical properties

Trustworthy data

Indelibly link facts from verified sources to your physical artworks

Protection against fraud and forgery

Indisputably prove authenticity and title to Artcleared works


Maintain control over your data and anonymity

Simple and secure applications

Efficiently manage your inventory and collections on any device

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