Artclear Certificates of Authenticity

Permanent digital proof that an individual physical work of art is genuine, whether it is an original work, one of an edition or a photographic print

  • Immutably linked to the artwork by Artclear Fingerprint
  • Digitally signed by the artist, estate or archive that issued the works
  • Secured on the blockchain

  • Prevent forgery of artworks
  • Permanent and secure proof of authenticity for physical artworks, whenever needed
  • Access to the Artclear platform for gallery staff, artists and collectors

  • Ensure the integrity of your works against forgery.
  • Protect your copyright over prints and editions.
  • Secure the value of your artists' work
  • Enhance your service to collectors.
  • Permanently link your gallery's brand to artworks.
  • Enhance the value of works in your collection.
  • Have extra confidence when your artworks are out of your possession.

Artclear Platform

Securely manage core functions of the Artclear service from one app

  • Simple, intuitive user experience
  • Book scans, issue certificates and record inventory
  • APIs seamlessly integrate with your current systems
  • Different interfaces for galleries and artists
  • White labelling capabilities


The Artclear Platform

Artclear Certificates of Title


Proof for collectors of the authenticity and title in their works of art in digital form

Powerful tools for artists to manage their rights

Data Privacy and Security

As experts in building systems for high value transactions and sensitive personal data, we understand the importance of data protection and confidentiality.

  • The Artclear infrastructure puts control of data in your hands
  • All data fully protected and confidential within your secure portal 
  • Use of blockchain makes this important data immutable 

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The Artclear fingerprint

Unbreakable Proof

Our unique solution to indelibly link physical works of art to digital records

An Artclear fingerprint is a unique digital code derived from the distinct physical properties of each artwork  

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The Artclear scanner

Generating a Fingerprint

Artclear scanner with an artwork

Step 1

Using Our Scanner

Fingerprints are generated by taking microscopic images of an artwork using a specially designed Artclear scanner


Artclear technology identifies artworks based on microscopic details

Step 2

Capturing Image Data

Scan images are fingerprinted using patented technology developed by HP Inc, licensed solely to Artclear


Our technology generates a digital fingerprint for the artwork

Step 3

Artwork Identification

Rescans recall registered fingerprints to determine if the artwork is the one originally scanned


“As the sole worldwide licensee of HP’s patented forensic imaging technology, Artclear will transform the global fine art market”

HP logo

Dan Croft, Global Head of IP Sales and Licensing, HP Inc

The Artclear scanner

Power To See the Invisible

The Artclear Scanner


  • Unmatched Precision  
    Automated features ensure secure and reliable scans each time, providing accurate results. 
  • Nonintrusive Technology  
    The scanner never touches the artworks, and it can even scan through glass. 
  • Consistent  
    Compensates for changes in light, reflection, hanging angle, and canvas restretching. 
  • Fast and Portable  
    Scans complete in 10 minutes and can be carried out in situ, so artworks do not need to leave your possession.

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