Our Vision

To deliver a trusting, more accessible art world

We believe that everyone involved in the global art market can work together and collaborate more effectively by using reliable data that is permanently connected to each artwork.

By enhancing connections and boosting confidence in transactions, the costs and risks associated with owning, buying and selling art can be reduced, creating new opportunities for growth. 

Artclear, digital infrastructure for the global art industry

Artclear Founders Angus Scott and Charlotte Black with CTO Sanjeev Kumar

Our Story

Coming from the world of payments and settlements of high value financial transactions, Artclear’s founders identified why the art world still struggled with high transaction costs and heavy paperwork, lacking the level of security and accessibility that underpins modern financial systems.

Artclear was born, providing the missing link for the art world: our unique fingerprinting technology, developed in partnership with HP Inc exclusively for Artclear. This innovation protects against fraud, forgery and substitution, while connecting art world participants to reliable data about individual works of art, empowering the art market to reach new horizons. 

Today, Artclear is setting a new standard for art identification, paving the way for a more secure and accessible art market.  

Meet the Team


Throughout its development Artclear has been supported by Market and Technical advisory committees. Members provide strategic and operational advice and design input to the development of the Artclear scanner and registry. They sit on the committees in a personal capacity.

Market Advisory Committee

Formed of 14 advisors from leading galleries, museums, logistics specialists, lawyers, collectors and insurers

Technical Advisory Committee

Members are expert technologists from leading technology companies and academia

Advisory Committees

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